About Us

Engaging B2B people around the world

In today’s oversaturated media landscape, engaged or ‘lean forward’ media moments are infinitely more valuable. By providing post technologies for engaged media properties, Chronicle is there at every one of those ‘lean forward’ moments, which reaches billions of consumers worldwide. With their Brilliant features of Invoice manager, Split Bill, EMI Calculation, Interest calculator and much more.

Split Bill – Now Easy

Why taking stress in calculating manually, try us enabled with micro technology in your hand. Keep track of your shared expenses and balances with housemates, trips, groups, friends, and family.

Invoice Manager – Now Easy

In this Changing world of technologies, why taking headache to share our invoices, Why to use your Desktop. Chronicle providing you Technology through app to get shared your Invoices, Help you to track your paid records.

EMI Calculator – Now Easy

EMI is the acronym for Equated Monthly Instalments or Easy Monthly Instalments. Loan amount, interest rate and loan period are the key terms to find out monthly instalments, total repayment and interest cost. Similar to mortgage amortization, EMI calculator also determines how much amount one has to pay back each month and describes the amount of money which goes towards the principal and interest. By using Chronicle EMI calculator, you can determine how much EMI we need to pay. EMI calculator helps user to determine how much EMI to pay/get paid.

Interest Calculator – Now Easy

Our Interest Calculator can help determine the interest payments and final balances on not only fixed principal amounts, but also additional periodic contributions.

Discount Calculator – Now Easy

Have you ever wondered though a store and taken a long hard look at the discount percentages and sale prices, or wondered if that online purchase was really 50 percent off like it was advertised? Now you can find out with our “Discount Calculator”.

Marks Percentage – Now Easy

For Anyone Who’s Saying That Marks Don’t Matter at all, We Have something for your Words. You Are Wrong. Marks doesn’t decide your talents, but still we look for it to Evaluate. Our majority of Population don’t know what to do, Marks decide that. Marks makes first impression about us Always.